500 Grams - Pure Uthukulli Origin Cow Ghee

Rs. 1,600.00

Rs. 799.00

Pure Ghee From Uthukuli Origin. Uthukuli Butter and Ghee is world famous for it's richness in good fat and also it's aroma. Uthukuli, a small town in Tamil Nadu is the most renowned ghee region of South India. Everyday, milk is separately collected by farmer families from different breeds of...


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  • Why its expensive than the market

    We do not compare on compete with the market brother.

    We just procure from the best source available and make the ghee and then set the prices based on our purchase prices. 

    In our opinion reacting or responding to competition leads to unethical actions later on. 

    We get the butter from our own reliable sources and this is how high it is priced. Then on we prepare the ghee ourselves.



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