500 Grams - Raw Stingless Bee Forest Honey - Thalavadi Origin

Rs. 1,800.00

Rs. 970.00


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  • For Original Honey there is no expiry but in the pic it has mentioned best before 48 months, can it be stored for long term?

    Hello Brother,

    On the label itself slightly above the expiry date column, we have mentioned the reason for same. We sell on other platform which don't allow listing of a date of expiry is not mentioned. It is just for legal use. But this honey never expires.

  • How you get honey from forest,peoples are not allowed in reserve forest? Also how supply large quantity ,did you guys daily goto forest.What is the process you following to get honey,wheather you are going monthly or daily I have ordered honey last week

    Dear Rajaram,

    Thank you for the question. 

    Tourists are not allowed to the forests. The forest is 1400 Square Kms in area and the entire forest is pollinated by bees only. 

    There are people living in several villages and there is no ban for them to wander through the forests. 



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