Original Genuine Gorochan / Bezoar / Gorojanam (Ox Gallstone) for Both Internal and Other Purposes - 1 Gram Pack

Rs. 12,000.00

Rs. 6,000.00

Nature's Shadow brings in Ox Galstone from wild Oxes that is Genuine in every aspect. Ox Galstone is rare and is priced more than Gold and some times Diamond due to it's high nutritional value and Magical Benefits. Nature's Shadow Brings Original OX Gallstones also known as Gorochan. Original Gorochans...


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  • I have gorochan where I want to sell pls tell me

    Please whats app us

  • As per it looks it does not seem like its orginal. When we break gorochan it have round figures and cuts and it is looking like plan and rough surface. Want to buy it but how we xan be so sure its a original product other then your fssi marks and all

    Dear Shailja Mam ji,

    Thank you for the question. 

    If you have asked for tests to prove the purity of honey or sandalwood or some other items, we could have told you a lot of ways to test it. 

    But since it is GOROCHAN, it is kind of difficult for a person prove the gorochan is pure. Anyways, will try to explain you the best. 

    1. You cannot come to a conclusion of its genuinity just by looking at it unless it is in full whole piece. Gorochan once spotted in an OX or a cow, is immediately made sure is covered in cloth without exposing to sunlight. And it is kept hidden in shade till it is fully dried using turmeric. 

    So very rarely anyone has actually seen gorochan directly. So many people don't know what it actually looks like. Even the full piece. So just by looking at the broken pieces, one can never conclude if it is original or not. 

    2. Gorochan is usually round, triangular, or square in shape, vary in size and are usually a yellowish-red to brown-orange in color. So based on this property one can find if it is original. But if you need a full piece, it is gonna cost Rs.8000 per gram and whatever weight it comes, you need to take it. We can gladly arrange.

    3. Ask the supplier how they are able to procure. If the supplier is able to explain the sources with logic, you can go with the supplier. They should have a background related to it. And they should be able to arrange and give you other cow and ox materials like horn, head skin and so on of the cattle.

    We are able to get this because, we are into leather business for 50 years, and we have a string network to cover all the shops that supplies, ox leather and buff leather to Us.

    4. Some people test it by rubbing the finger on the Gorochan. They say, If the yellow color was not easily removed from their stained finger, then the stone was true. 

    5. Give it to an infant. If you find the infant is changing to very active and strong, and very speed in actions that even adults can't match up sometimes, then the gorochan is pure. 

    6. The seller will assure that it is edible. 

    Then it is up to you to know the differences after use mam ji.



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