Nature's Shadow - Original Ambergris / Pygmy Sperm Whale Vomit (1 Gram)

Rs. 18,000.00

Rs. 7,999.00

ISO APPROVED PRODUCT - Ambergris is an amazing medicine for stress and also used in spirituality Quite simply, ambergris is hardened sperm whale emesis or feces, depending on who you ask since technically nobody has ever seen a whale expel it. It consists primarily of undigested squid and cuttlefish beaks...


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  • What is it's use

    Used for Making perfumes. 

    Also many people beleive holding it brings good luck.

  • Dear Sir/Madam, We hope that you are doing good. We are Mumbai based religious organisation. We found that your company deals in Ambergris and deer musk Kindly give us the price quotation for aforesaid products. And also the minimum quantity need to be purchased. We need the recently tested reports of Ambar which you have tested in Labs We are delighted to let you know that, if the products are as per our requirement, we will share strong business relationship in future. Looking forward to hear a positive answer from your side. Thanks & Regards, Jainam Shah *ADHYATMA PARIVAR* Mumbai (INDIA)

    Dear Sir, Thank you for the inquiry. Please email at for pricing. Very sorry that we don't do lab tests for such pricey items as the minimum quantity required to test them is 50 Grams. You may please inspect the product with small purchases or with Ware house visits. Regards, Nature's Shadow



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