Nature's Shadow Forest Honey in Raw Form with Origin Specification (Stingless Bee Honey Thalavdi Origin in Glass Bottle, 1000 Grams)

Rs. 3,600.00

Rs. 1,820.00

Nature's Shadow brings best in class raw honey from various Forests and we also openly provide the origin forest regions of Honey. We also Assure that our honey never spoils or rot as honey is the only food item in the world that never decays or spoils. As far as...


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  • What is the difference in all honey types from different place like thalavdi, thalamalai , sathiamangalam and which will be best to buy

    Thank you for posting this question brother. 

    We have just mentioned the areas of the forest from where the specific honey is taken as the properties of honey vary, depending on the trees in an area or water availability and many more factors. 

    The one mentioned as Sathiamangalam is lighter in color, has more aroma and is sweet as there are more flowering plants with aroma in that area. 

    The one mentioned as Thalamalai is raw honey which is more darker. Usually honey is darker when the nectar is from trees like neem. It is less sweet 

    The one mentioned as Thalavadi is stingless bee honey in raw form. 

    The bee itself is a specific species which does not sting. It has more medicinal properties than any other type of honey. 

    We assure you all three are in raw form and we generally recommend Stingless bee honey for medicinal values. 

    Please do let us know for any more doubt's



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